Dark Mark Tattoo
anchormadusadermalpunchesorb4 piercings2 white opals2 mult opalopal heartwhite conch 2opal nape3 opal opal floweropal daithHip Dermals DermalsCustom diamond ear project  Turquoise Tragus piercing Custom back Dermals Double opal cartilage Custom opal daith Dermal Double opal Tragus Double opal conch Custom industrial bars5 piece diamond conch cluster Custom dermal anchor  Triple opal cartilage Full custom ear project Spider bite piercing Septum piercing 5 piece opal custom ear projectTriple opal cartilage Cleavage Dermals  Back dimple Dermals Dermals
PJ's Portfolio
PJ has been piercing for 4 years. He has won multiple awards for his piercings. He enjoys piercing with quality jewelry, and is always offering special prices on ear projects and other custom piercing designs.

PJ takes walk-ins as well as appointments, and feel free to stop in anytime.