Dark Mark Tattoo
Redo watercolorStained glass Ursula Squirt turtle BambiGem coverupNatalieBlue gemJimineyBerriesDiamond flower Galaxy shipFox and the houndEinsteinJellyfishTree legsMountain treeLinkBb8Sky skin ripDr.PoohGalaxy bookMoths on shoulderThigh clock and flowersGeometric sleeveWatercolor owlZombie Hello KittyKarissas thighFamily treeCandy flower stormtrooper halfsleeveOrganic sun starCoverupDiamonds and tattoos are foreverNew England Nature SleeveCalvin and HobbesHourglass
Cynthia's Portfolio
Cynthia is the owner of Dark Mark Tattoo. She is a multiple award winning tattoo artist and a piercer. She enjoys every style of tattooing and is a versatile artist. She is always accepting new clients! Please contact her with any questions or inquiries.

Or call the studio at 1(603)352-9222